Continuous Monitoring

Secure Web Services' wireless network is continuously monitored by software which sends an alert the moment a change in service is detected. Each mast, relay and external radio is uniquely identified. We respond to alerts as rapidly as possible to minimise disruption to your service.

Monitoring bandwith usage through the network has enabled us to identify and eliminate virus activity on devices accessing the network.

Remote Detection

We are able to detect remotely if a power supply to mast, relay or external radio has failed (turned off, disconnected or power cut) and even if a wire has been plugged into the wrong connection!

This enables us to identify whether a disruption in service is down to a network or an internal router error.

Office Hours

Our office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Contacting Us

Outside office hours or during busy periods, calls to 0333 7000 227
are routed to an answer service. Any messages are immediately and automatically forwarded to all staff so that the next available person can help.

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