Successful SWS Broadband connection requires:


  • Line of sight to one of our relays or masts
  • Power supply
  • External radio* (receives signal from relay or mast)
  • Internal Power Over Ethernet* (POE) adapter
The external radio is fixed to the outside of your property and is hardwired to the internal POE adapter which provides a single ethernet connection (most commonly connected to your internal router or switch).


  • Wireless Access Point (WAP) Router**

A WAP router is essential if you want devices within the installed property to connect wirelessly to the broadband service. 

Subject to stock availability we supply a TP Link WR841n router, you are welcome to use your existing router if compatible or supply your own - it must have a Cable WAN connection - we are always happy to confirm whether your existing or proposed router is suitable for an SWS connection.

Equipment &
from £24
per month

*Standard Connection from £235 inc VAT, includes equipment and installation

*Non-standard connections (greater than 30Mbps, more than 9km from connecting mast, where radio cannot be installed on building requiring connection may be more)

Free, no-obligation surveys carried out and quotation for non-standard connections issued prior to installation.

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